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Our first episode, which went to air on the 27th of October 1999, featured the Australian Caption Center. This is the organization that captions Television Programs for deaf and hearing impaired viewers. In order to demonstrate how a captioned program looks to people who would not normally be able see the captions because they do not have a teletext TV this whole segment of the program was 'open captioned'. This means that the captions have been burnt on to the copy of the program that went to air so that the ordinary viewer could see them as a person with a teletext TV would.

The second half of this episode featured an interview with the son of Aubrey Gibson, one of the few people in the country during the 50's and 60's to have an extensive and recognized private art collection. In this interview John Gibson talked about his late father's passion for art, and what it takes to be a collector of fine art. The collection featured a wide range of works both of contemporary Australian artists as well as works from all over the world, including Europe, South America and Japan, many of which were shown in the program.

Episode two, which went to air on the 3rd of November, had three stories in it. Firstly, a look at Literacy Week and the setting of a record for the non stop reading of War and Peace, outside the State Library which was organized by Education Victoria.

Secondly, John Cannard reported on the demonstration by his Ti Chi class at the Darebin Arts and Entertainment Center as part of Adult Learners Week.

And lastly Phillip Taylor found out about the unique business of Chestnut selling in the city center.

Episode three, was dedicated to the 1999 Melbourne Fringe Festival. In it Melissa Iaria interviews the Festival Director Virginia Hyam and Axel, the Co-ordinator of the Fringe Furniture Exhibition, and Phillip Taylor takes a look at the Waiters race during the street party on the opening day of the festival.

The program also features an extensive look at the parade down Smith Street on the opening day of the festival that showcases some of the talent involved in fringe arts in Melbourne.

Episode four included a story about Backpackers in Melbourne.

Episode Five was all about Ballroom Dancing.

Episode Six was about an exhibition by Joe Felber, a Swiss Australian Multi Media Artist. This installation is inspired by the work of American Art Theorist and Painter Ad Reinhardt, in particular Reinhardt's famous 25 lines of words on art statement published in 1958. The project is a collaboration between Joe, composer Elliot Gyger and dancer choreographer Lucy Guerin. It features seven stainless steel tubes through which the voices of the choral composition created by Elliot are played, along with a series of suspended light bulbs that operate as metronomes. Projected on to the floor of the exhibition space are also videos of the animated text and photographic elements of the work and also of Lucy's dance. In addition to this Lucy also does some live performances with the exhibition. I spoke to Joe and Lucy outside the Australian Center for Contemporary Art when the exhibition was on display in Melbourne.

Episode Seven, (on air, December 15), featured three stories. Firstly Suzana Talevski took a look at the work of the State Library here in Melbourne.

Then Justine Isard presented a story about the making of the Melbourne Cup and it's hand over this year from its makers, Hardy Brothers, To the VRC.

Lastly Phillip Taylor found out about the percussion group Tumbarumba.

Contents of other Episodes

  • Episode 8 - Potpuri & Sane Unlimited Magazine Launch.
  • Episode 9 (Season 2 Ep1) - Darebin Festival & Australian Rock 'n' Roll Appreciation Society.
  • Episode 10 (Season 2 Ep2) - Nahama Patkin.
  • Episode 11 (Season 2 Ep3) - Schools conflict resolution competition & Neighbourhood Watch.
  • Episode 12 (Season 2 Ep4) - Heildberg Symphony Orchestra & EAR FM.
  • Episode 13 (Season 2 Ep5) - Australian Museum of Modern Media (TV World).
  • Episode 14 (Season 2 Ep6) - Australia Day 2000 & Port Melbourne Yacht Club.
  • Episode 15 (Season 2 Ep7) - The Big Issue Magazine & International Womans Day.

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