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Welcome to the WEB page of Northern Access Television's Magazine Program, "Et Cetera", on Channel 31 - Melbourne Community Television, Melbourne, Australia.

Day and Time:

The program is currently not on air. Due to other commitments including Nat Chat, which I also co-produce, the plans for a new series of Et Cetera have been canned for the moment.

So far we have filmed material about the Whittlesea Senior Citizens Multi Cultural Expo which was held on November 28 2002 that will be used for both Et Cetera and Nat Chat.

Three episodes of Et Catera, "The Melbourne 1999 Fringe Festival", "Joe Felber Multimedia Art Exhibition" and "The Big Issue & International Woman's Day" have also just been accepted for inclusion in the Ausralian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) Community Collection.

Et Cetera is a more elaborately edited, field shot magazine format program than Nat Chat, which is a Studio based interview program. Some topics will suite both programs others will be more suited for either one or the other. So if you have a topic of interest you want to have explored, particularly about the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne, please contact me, David McLauchlan, on 0412 166 563 or Email at dmclauch@bigpond.net.au .

Et Cetera is to be produced by myself and my co-producer Michael Costello, with possibly some assistance from already experienced Nat Chat interviewers. There is however opportunity to become involved with making a program either as interviewer or behind the scenes with the Nat Chat program. Click here to go to the web page for Nat Chat.

To see some past episodes of Et Cetera click above for the featured stories in real player format or check out the left hand frame for other episodes of the past series.

About the program:

The program is a general interest magazine format show covering a wide range of topics including:
  • Community organizations
  • Festivals and other events
  • Museums and Art Exhibitions

And almost anything else..........

Some of the topics we have covered have included, Melbourne's open air Passion Play which is performed every Easter, the Melbourne Aquarium, Pete Crofts Humourversity, the Carlton Adult Reading and Writing Program, the David Jaanz singing school, a unique performance group Strange Fruit, and St Mary's House of Welcome in Brunswick St, Fitzroy.

Real Player Files:

As well as the Real Player Format files of the Featured Stories I have segments of some of the programs from the first season of the program available in the left frame. At the moment this is programs 1 to 7. These are listed down the left frame (scroll down to see them all). Clicking on them will open the real player viewer, provided you have it installed on your computer. It is a free player and is available from http://www.real.com

For information about programs that have gone to air already see our episodes page.

For more information about Melbourne's Channel 31 you can go to the stations Web Site at http://www.channel31.org.au

For information about our production group, Northern Access Television, go to http://www.nat.org.au

The programs producers are myself, David McLauchlan - Ph: 0412 166 563, and Michael Costello - Ph: 0411 122 967.

You can Email me at dmclauch@bigpond.net.au____

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